About Us

“If you can dream it,  you can live it!”

Pilar took her family recipe and transformed it into a tradition that now, all families can share.

Our Operations

Each container of DipIt is carefully crafted to not only meet the highest industry standards but to surpass all expectations for fresh ingredients and excellent taste, delivering a high-quality, safe, and nutritious addition to your table.

Our Mission

Our roots in our local community run deep. Even once we start delivering DipIt on a national scale, we’re dedicated to continue producing DipIt products in our beloved city of Mission, Tx. Thank you to all of our local partners and supportive family and community for getting DipIt from kitchen to company.

Our History

Pilar grew up learning the recipes for each DipIt flavor from the kitchen of her grandmother and great aunt. Now she’s built her company based on the care of their memories and focused on infusing the love of family in each and every product.

History of Success

DipIt represents generations of family recipes and the value that they had on our CEO growing up. Pilar Gonzalez recognized the worth of her family’s recipes and decided to use her talents as an astute business woman to share that worth with others. Through her skills and a lot of hard work pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and networking with her community, Pilar has been able to deliver a product that not only tastes amazing but shows what happens when you believe in something.

Pilar’s vision of sharing her family’s recipes with others as a company helped her gain 1st Place two years in a row at the entrepreneurial competition Ruby Red Venture in Mission, Texas. This success provided a boost in DipIt’s production, sales, and overall confidence to continue taking off as a company.

Additionally, winning Grand Prize Honors from H-E-B paved the way by establishing mass production of all DipIt flavors in a commercial kitchen. DipIt landed on the shelves of more than 100 H-E-B stores and even more Spec’s Wines, Spirits, and Finer Foods. Most recently, DipIt was named a finalist in the Stacy’s Rise Project, a prominent national PepsiCo program with the purpose of growing women-owned businesses.

With Pilar at the helm, DipIt continues to grow and expand across Texas. We look forward to bringing these unique flavors and memories to you and your family through our products thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work of Pilar and her team.

Why dip it ?

For the traditionalist, DipIt tastes great with crackers, chips, breads, pretzels, veggies, and other snacks. But, our dips aren’t just dips; they can be so much more than that! For those who like to experiment and spice up their menu, each of our flavors can be used as unique enhancements for your own recipes. Try DipIt as a base for salad dressings, fish, chicken, pasta, burgers, side items, seafood, and whatever else you can imagine.

At DipIt, we pride ourselves on crafting gourmet dips using only the best, all-natural ingredients without the necessity of flavor additives. We don’t use any preservatives, and our customers can taste the difference in the variety of fresh, diverse flavors. Our dips come in either yogurt or cream cheese based options, so you can choose for your palate preference. Pick up your favorite flavor or try a new one to start enjoying DipIt today!

Pilar believes that in order for her to reach her full potential and gain success for her goals, it’s important to surround herself with people who can help elevate her business and get her to the next level through their support and encouragement. That shared success is something she wants to pay forward to others just starting out on making their dreams happen. Pilar takes time to travel and share her story with the hopes of encouraging other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams — no matter how wild they may be. Pilar is proof that dreams really can become reality.

Pilar isn’t an Emmy Award winner for no reason. When Pilar isn’t working on growing her business, she is hard at work as a journalist. She has had a successful career as a journalist at the national level in both radio and television, and even though she is hard at work to run DipIt, she continues to serve as an anchorwoman for the KRGV Channel 5 weekend newscast in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.